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Hello, I'm Brandon Meyer.

I am a experienced Graphical Web Design & Web/Mobile development professional. I think of myself as a problem-solving Web Designer, successful at creating a seamless user experience throughout the entire product line. Seeking the chance to develop a company’s creative direction. I’m a Graphic Web Designer/Developer looking to grow within my career path. I have excellent design & development skills, as well as an ability to convert client requirements into exciting online experiences.

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Here is a little of my story

Before pursuing my dream to become a Web Designer/ Web Developer, I was answering phones and replying to emails. It was at this point where I made the decision to become something greater, something that I can grow into and grow with.

I am an experienced web design professional who can present innovative and creative solutions to meet clients online requirements. My technical knowledge and vision are key to taking the desires and ideas of a client and translating them into Websites/Applications that will effectively market and grow their business. I have a significant experience of producing strategic solutions from the information gathering, wireframe mockups, offline / live prototype mockups through to final product release. I have a broad understanding of many computing languages listed below in my skills matrix. i have actively worked on website design and development, mobile application design and development, graphic design and custom icon designs.

As a Graphic Web & Mobile Designer / Developer, I have obtained the vast ability to identify opportunities from problems. I am a dedicated, self starter with the will and determination to produce the highest of quality driven solutions in order to fulfill the needs and expectations of the clients / product owners.

My Key strengths are to contribute to a strong team culture and to provide a high quality level of work. As a strong team player, i am also a very sufficient individual who is willing and able to take control of a project and able to work on my own if and when needed. With a slight obsessive compulsive disorder towards visual esthetics of a website / web or mobile application, i am driven to express not only the best practices but also an apealing look and feel to enhance the functionalities of any element presented.


Completed Gr11 at Damelin Eden - Braamfontein

English, Afrikaans, Biology, Business Economics, Economics, Geography

I was unable to finish my matric due to financial implications and had to work harder and smarter than most to order to achieve milestones within my personal capacity.Failure is /was n ot an option…

As part of my plans for the future, I am in the process of registering for a diploma in UX, UI, Web Design and Development as well as Business Management.


Graphic Designer / Sign Writer - SignFocus

This is my uncles company where he provided me an opportunity to work. This was not a position set in stone as i believe that working within a family organisation doesnt always work. I loved the work i did and the exposure to a whole new experience was interesting. as a growing young man, the desire and hunger for bigger and better slowly crept in and inspired me to search for a better opportunity.


Gaming Specialist / Sales Executive - Incredible Connection @ Eastgate

This was my 1st steps into the retail industry. the knowledge and information i gathered from working in the retail industry was far from the norm. I learned that money truely can by happiness. Especially in the computer megastore such as incrcedible connection.i worked there for about a year until i got offered a position at Cellini Eastgate.

2010 - 2012

Stockroom manager / Sales Executive - Cellini @ Eastgate

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My skills

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  • Web Design
  • Mobile design
  • Branding & Identity
  • DTP


  • HTML & CSS3
  • Javascript / Jquery
  • PHP & MySQL
  • WordPress